Darkness Becomes Her

Darkness Becomes Her looks like your run-of-the-mill paranormal romance, right? It’s dark and gothy and you’re pretty sure the heroine is going to be a weepy emo princess. Well, color me surprised when I started reading this and the heroine, Ari, was swearing like a sailor from the first page and clearly did not let anyone fuck with her. This book is smarter than your average paranormal romance.

First, let’s talk about Ari. I fell in love with her from the first page just because of her attitude. Ari is awesome, okay? She grew up being bounced between foster homes and is currently being raised by a couple of bounty hunters, who are teaching her the trade. That means Ari kicks a lot of ass. (Though she’s not a superhero – the fighting is described pretty realistically, with Ari making up for her small stature by outsmarting opponents and kneeing them in the groin a lot.) I was a little skeptical when she described her odd appearance, though. Ari has silver Rapunzel-style hair which can’t be cut or dyed, teal eyes (not blue, TEAL), and a small tattoo of a crescent moon under her eye. That’s like every Mary Sue fanfiction character ever! Luckily, Ari’s personality and tenacity is enough to make up for it.

Oh, God. I’d just killed a man – my fingers flexed on the hilt of the blade – with a goddamn, fucking-ass, miniature sword.

How can you not love that?

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Second ‘Kane Chronicles’ Book Announced

The sequel to Rick Riordan’s Egyptian adventure, The Red Pyramid, will be called The Throne of Fire. The second book will be released on May 3, 2011. You can check out the first chapter of the book on Barnes & Noble’s website.

The Lost Gate

The Lost Gate is the first book in a potentially great new fantasy series called The Mithermages. Unfortunately, I probably won’t read the other books in the series because I was so offended by this one. But I’ll get back to that later in the review.

Our story begins with Danny North, a thirteen-year-old boy who lives on his family’s compound in Virginia. The North family is a family of mages, all descended from the Odin and Thor of Norse mythology – except for Danny. Danny has showed no sign of any magical ability, even though he’s well past the age when most kids start to exhibit skills. This means that Danny can’t hope to have much of a future with his family; he’ll have to learn to live like the drowthers (regular, non-magical folk). Except! Then Danny finds out, entirely by accident, that he is a Gatemage. Gatemages can create gates through space and transport themselves or others anywhere. The famed Loki was a Gatemage, and because of the last Loki’s sins, any Gatemages who are discovered are killed on the spot. So when Danny fears he’s been found out, he runs away from home and begins his quest to find out more about his power and why it’s so feared among mages.

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