Sapphique is the sequel to last year’s Incarceron, which was one of my favorites of the year. Catherine Fisher doesn’t disappoint with this follow-up. When the first book left off, Finn had just managed to escape from the prison, but had to leave his Oathbrother Keiro and companion Attia behind. Sapphique moves at a breakneck paces, switching every chapter from the characters in the Realm (Claudia, Jared, and Finn), and those still locked inside Incarceron. Sapphique manages to add even more depth to the world it takes place in, and the characters are really forced to step up.

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New Releases 12/28

There aren’t many books released the week after Christmas, but there is one that I’m very excited about: Sapphique, the sequel to Incarceron! You bet I used one of my Christmas gift cards to grab a copy of this today, and I’m SUPER THRILLED to start reading it, because Incarceron was possibly my favorite new series of last year.

If you like dystopia, or fantasy/adventure, or historical fiction, there’s some of each in this book. Incarceron is what I’ve been recommending to people at work who read The Hunger Games series and need something new and just as captivating. Trust me, this is another one of those books that will appeal to just about everybody. Go check it out.

Also, can we talk about the gorgeous, to-die-for cover art for both of these books? It’s so pretty, and I love the juxtaposition of natural and man-made elements on both covers. It’s a nice nod to the way the book features a man-made world meant to appear natural, and a natural world designed to resemble a specific time in history. I love that contrast. Basically, I want to marry the cover art.

Taylor Lautner To Star In ‘Incarceron’ Movie

Deadline reports today that the film adaptation of Catherine Fisher’s super mega awesome book Incarceron will feature Twilight star Taylor Lautner as the male lead, Finn.

I have such conflicting feelings about this! I absolutely can’t say enough good things about Incarceron. It was so amazing that even though I read it at the beginning of the year, before this blog existed, I want to re-read it just so I can review it for you. The book alternates between Claudia,whose father is the warden for the prison Incarceron, and Finn, who is inside the prison trying to escape. There’s an amazing mix of science fiction and fantasy elements in the book – it takes place in a technologically advanced future that has been designed to imitate the 17th century, and inside Incarceron is a dark and beautiful fantasy world. The book is totally riveting as Claudia and Finn’s stories become intertwined.

The problem here is that Lautner is definitely not the type of actor I’d imagined in the role of Finn. I think the Twilight books and movies are terrible. But I haven’t really seen Lautner in anything else – I may hate Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight, but I’ve seen them in other films and liked them, so I tend to blame the source material. Incarceron doesn’t have a romantic storyline, and as Finn Lautner would need to be believable as a leader who’s questioning his entire history. So the real question is, can Lautner can shed his hunky werewolf image and prove that he can actually act?

And who will be cast in the role of Claudia?