New Release Tuesday, 4/05

It’s finally here! Today you can pick up Gayle Forman’s new book, Where She Went. You can read my review of the book here.

And once you’ve read the book, check out this video tour of NYC with the author:

Other new releases today are Holly Black’s Red Glove (book two in the Curse Workers series) and Cassandra Clare’s City of Fallen Angels (book four in the Mortal Instruments series). You can check out my review of Red Glove, which I loved, here.


New Release Tuesday: 3/29

Get excited, kids: Sweet Valley High is back today! Sweet Valley Confidential re-visits Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield at age 27. Jessica’s going through a divorce. Elizabeth is working as a journalist in NYC and dealing with the aftermath of her breakup with Todd. Oh, and the twins are estranged and haven’t spoken in some time. Still, I could never turn down a new Sweet Valley book! The preview posted on the book’s website promises that more of that guilty pleasure we all loved. Here’s an excerpt:

Like the twins of that poem, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield appeared interchangeable, if you considered only their faces.

And what faces they were.

Gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. The kind you couldn’t stop looking at. Their eyes were shades of aqua that danced in the light like shards of precious stones, oval and fringed with thick, light brown lashes long enough to cast a shadow on their cheeks. Their silky blond hair, the cascading kind, fell just below their shoulders. And to complete the perfection, their rosy lips looked as if they were penciled on. There wasn’t a thing wrong with their figures, either. It was as if billions of possibilities all fell together perfectly.


At least they’ve gotten rid of the twins’ “perfect size six figures”, right? And I guess they don’t share a red Fiat Spider anymore, either.

I’ll definitely be reviewing this later in the week. Also look for a re-release of books 1-3 of the SVH series, now bound in one volume, at your local bookstore!

New Release Tuesday, 3/22

New releases this week are Lauren DeStefano’s Wither and Anthony Horowitz’s Scorpia Rising, the final book in the Alex Rider series.

You can read my review of Wither here, and check out the book trailer! I thought it was excellent and I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.

New Releases 12/28

There aren’t many books released the week after Christmas, but there is one that I’m very excited about: Sapphique, the sequel to Incarceron! You bet I used one of my Christmas gift cards to grab a copy of this today, and I’m SUPER THRILLED to start reading it, because Incarceron was possibly my favorite new series of last year.

If you like dystopia, or fantasy/adventure, or historical fiction, there’s some of each in this book. Incarceron is what I’ve been recommending to people at work who read The Hunger Games series and need something new and just as captivating. Trust me, this is another one of those books that will appeal to just about everybody. Go check it out.

Also, can we talk about the gorgeous, to-die-for cover art for both of these books? It’s so pretty, and I love the juxtaposition of natural and man-made elements on both covers. It’s a nice nod to the way the book features a man-made world meant to appear natural, and a natural world designed to resemble a specific time in history. I love that contrast. Basically, I want to marry the cover art.

New Releases 12/07

This week there’s a new Vampire Academy book out. The sixth book in the series is called Last Sacrifice. People keep telling me that this series is REALLY GOOD but I’m a little bit afraid of the vampire romance stuff right now (as you can probably tell from my book reviews, I’m not a huge romance fan). Someone tell me if they’re really worth reading?

Also out this week is The Lying Game, a new book by Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard. PLL never appealed to me, but this book actually sounds potentially awesome. A set of long-lost twins, one dies, and the other steps into her life to try to catch her killer? YES PLEASE. Maybe it’s just the Sweet Valley High fan in me, wanting to relive those glorious books about scandalous romances and stolen identities and murder… but I will probably read this.