‘Goliath’ Cover Art

It’s a double whammy of new cover art today! Scott Westerfeld has revealed the cover of the third book in his Leviathan trilogy today!

I absolutely love this series, but I have to say I don’t love the style of the new covers. (The new covers being the style Behemoth and Goliath have been done in, with the pseudo-photographic artwork.) For one thing, it’s just not as pretty as the original Leviathan cover. They also feel a little bit too young for me – the original Leviathan cover was great because it had widespread appeal, and lots of adults who were into steampunk picked it up in the bookstore. The new covers read much more “this is a kids’ book” and are just not my thing.

But on the bright side, we still have Keith Thompson’s amazing illustrations inside, and Scott gave us a preview of one illustration from the book. Check it out under the cut.

This is from chapter two:

Goliath comes out September 13th, 2011 and I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “‘Goliath’ Cover Art

  1. omg!!! i haven’t read the 1st book yet ( the leviathan,y library didn’t have it) m but i’m reading the behemoth for the second time!!! its so good i love it, the third book has to be awesome!! i cant wait. the next time i go to my library i will put it on hold!!!!

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