More From Rae Mariz

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a story now that I jokingly refer to as “Juno set in the semi-post-apocalypse.” It’s about a really smart seventeen-year-old named Starlee Sanders who discovers how much she took people and things for granted after massive rainstorms cripple Seattle’s infrastructure and the survivors mob up to secure resources. The story is basically about figuring out how to move forward after it’s already too late to save the world… but not as dismal as that sounds, I promise.  It doesn’t have a set title yet, but I call it the Mudbook. It’ll come out sometime in 2012.

This is from the Q&A on author Rae Mariz’s website, which I was browsing after writing my review of The Unidentified.

AND THIS BOOK SOUNDS AWESOME, RIGHT? I will be all over this book when it comes out.


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