Deathly Hallows: Part One (Dislikes)

Yesterday I posted about the things I loved about Deathly Hallows: Part One. Today I’m posting about the things I wasn’t so crazy about. There were surprisingly few things for me to complain about, though! So here are my relatively minor complaints about the movie, behind the cut.

  • Lupin and Tonks had their storyline cut really short. We didn’t get to hear them announce their marriage OR that they were having a baby. Are they just going to announce in Part Two, “BTW guys, we had a baby. Harry’s the godfather. And you’ll probably never see us again until we’re dead, bye!”
  • I really wanted to see the scene where Lupin comes to Grimmauld Place and offers his help to Harry. That was one of the first scenes where Harry is really treated like an adult and an equal by a Lupin, and it would have been great to see Harry yell at him for thinking about abandoning his wife and kid.
  • Speaking of Marauders, Wormtail didn’t die. This is pretty important — Wormtail betrays his life debt to Harry by trying to harm him, and his silver hand strangles him to death. There’s no justice in letting Wormtail be the only Marauder who lives by the end of the movies.

  • I also think they missed the opportunity to set up a lot of the Snape backstory. They didn’t have Harry finding the letter from Lily in Sirius’ room, or the photo with her torn off. That would have been a really touching moment if they had included it, and it would have also set up the Snape and Lily history.
  • In the book, Snape knew where the Trio was because they spoke to Phineas Nigellus’ portrait, and that’s how he was able to find them and use his Patronus to lead them to the sword. There is no Phineas Nigellus in the movies, so how are they going to explain how Snape found them?

  • Dobby and Kreacher. I loved the new technology for the elves — they were less Jar-Jar Binks annoying and more believable as real characters with feelings. Well, Dobby was. Poor Kreacher didn’t really get his due. We didn’t really get any of Kreacher’s Tale and even Hermione was kind of mean to him. Have we forgotten SPEW already? Even when Kreacher brought Mundungus back, Dobby kind of stole his thunder. Kreacher didn’t get to show off his new-found loyalty to Harry at all! Missed opportunity.
  • I pretty much loved Dobby throughout the movie, but I was sad that they didn’t dress him in wacky clothes (minus those adorable shoes) and seven hats. That also meant that we didn’t get the funeral scene where everyone gave him an article of clothing, which had me sobbing in the book. I also felt like his burial was really rushed — it would have been nice to take some time as Harry dug the grave and carved his headstone, and to hear everyone say something about him. What do these movies have against funerals, anyway? They skipped Dumbledore’s, too!

So all that said, I still really loved the movie, and I didn’t leave the theater in a fangirl rage about anything, which is unusual for me. And some of these things may be addressed or explained in Part Two (like Wormtail or the Snape business), so it might even turn out better in the end.


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