Deathly Hallows: Part One (Likes)

So I went to a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One last night! AND I LOVED IT. Usually I am super critical of the movies and absolutely hate any gratuitous changes they make from the books, but I came out of this one really happy. There will be spoilers under the cut.

  • RON. I was so thrilled that Ron really got his chance to shine in this film. Instead of being portrayed as a whiny, weepy sidekick who is only kept around to be comic relief, Ron was an equally important part of the Trio. Finally! His scenes in the forest with the Horcrux and at Malfoy Manor were especially good.
  • There were so many cute Ron/Hermione moments! The piano-playing scene pictured above is one of my favorites. I was really impressed by Rupert Grint’s versatility in this film, whereas in previous films they’ve always relied upon his ability to make funny faces. But you really believe that Ron is in love with Hermione, and that he’s plagued with self-doubt and jealousy which make him leave.

  • I really liked the focus on the Trio and their friendship, because it’s the heart of the series and it’s always been sort of unbalance in other films. But there were lovely Harry and Hermione moments, like the dancing scene added to the movie and the Godric’s Hollow graveyard scene. I was prepared to hate the dancing scene, because in the book Harry and Hermione are so devastated and dysfunctional when Ron leaves, I couldn’t picture them just up and dancing. But it actually worked: seeing how sad Hermione was about Ron, Harry tried to cheer her up with his goofy dancing, which worked for a hot minute. But then they both seemed to remember that Ron was gone and everything at stake, and as close as they are to each other, it’s not enough. They still need Ron.
  • Another cute scene is where Hermione gives Harry a haircut before having a eureka moment about the sword of Gryffindor and running off. It feels like a sisterly thing to do, and when Harry clutches the back of his head wondering what’s wrong, I laughed.

  • Ron and Harry had some great scenes together, too. The scene above was an added scene where Harry tries to sneak off and leave The Burrow on his own, and Ron stops him, reminding him that they’re all in this together. This is exactly the kind of thing we’ve been missing from Ron in the last few movies! He helps to ground Harry and remind him what’s important. (And let’s not forget, look really hot in that shirt. Mhmm.)
  • One of my favorite parts of the film were the scenes in the beginning where Hermione erases her parents’ memories, Ron prepares himself to leave his home and his family, and Harry revists the cupboard under the stairs where he used to sleep. They were all great, really poignant scenes and I started to cry just watching Hermione disappear from all her family photos as her parents forgot her.

  • Other awesome things about DH: Neville on the Hogwarts Express. “Hello, losers. He’s not here.” NEVILLE JUST CALLED SOME DEATH EATERS LOSERS. I hope we get to see a lot of Dumbledore’s Army-leading, badass Neville in Part Two!
  • Fred and George. We got all of the “holey” ear humor, and George sticking his toothbrush in his ear-hole absolutely killed me.
  • Dobby! I love the improved CGI look for Dobby and Kreacher, and Dobby was great in the Malfoy Manor scene. I also loved the scene at Grimmauld Place where he and Kreacher brought back Mundungus, and Dobby kept talking over Kreacher because HE wanted to tell Harry Potter all about it! So cute. I do wish they’d had Dobby wearing clothes, though. He had shoes on but was still wearing his rags!
  • LUNA. The Lovegoods dancing at the wedding was great. And she called Dobby “sir”! Awww.

I’ll do another post soon about the things that I didn’t like, or that were left out of the movie that I think should have been included. But right now I’m enjoying my Harry Potter hangover and am full of glee!


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